What’s new

0.4.2 (3rd of May 2017)

  • [ENH] Use robust template generation for multiple T1w images (#481)
  • [ENH] Anatomical MNI outputs respect --output-space selection (#490)
  • [ENH] Added support for distortion correction using opposite phase encoding direction EPI images (#493)
  • [ENH] Switched to FSL BET for skullstripping of EPI images (#493)
  • [ENH] --omp-nthreads controls maximum per-process thread count; replaces --ants-nthreads (#500)

0.4.1 (20th of April 2017)

  • Hotfix release (dependencies and deployment system)

0.4.0 (20th of April 2017)

  • [ENH] Added an option to choose the degrees of freedom used when doing BOLD to T1w coregistration (--bold2t1w_dof). Set default to 9 to account for field inhomogeneities and coils heating up (#448)
  • [ENH] Added support for phase difference and GE style fieldmaps (#448)
  • [ENH] Generate GrayWhite, Pial, MidThickness and inflated surfaces (#398)
  • [ENH] Memory and performance improvements for calculating the EPI reference (#436)
  • [ENH] Sample functional series to subject and fsaverage surfaces (#391)
  • [ENH] Output spaces for functional data may be selected with --output-space option (#447)
  • [DEP] --skip-native functionality replaced by --output-space (#447)
  • [ENH] fmriprep-docker wrapper script simplifies running in a Docker environment (#317)

0.3.2 (7th of April 2017)

With thanks to Asier Erramuzpe for contributions.

  • [ENH] Added optional slice time correction (#415)
  • [ENH] Removed redundant motion parameter conversion step using avscale (#415)
  • [ENH] FreeSurfer submillimeter reconstruction may be disabled with --no-submm-recon (#422)
  • [ENH] Switch bbregister init from fsl to coreg (FreeSurfer native #423)
  • [ENH] Motion estimation now uses a smart reference image that takes advantage of T1 saturation (#421)
  • [FIX] Fix report generation with --reports-only (#427)

0.3.1 (24th of March 2017)

  • [ENH] Perform bias field correction of EPI images prior to coregistration (#409)
  • [FIX] Fix an orientation issue affecting some datasets when bbregister was used (#408)
  • [ENH] Minor improvements to the reports aesthetics (#428)

0.3.0 (20th of March 2017)

  • [FIX] Affine and warp MNI transforms are now applied in the correct order
  • [ENH] Added preliminary support for reconstruction of cortical surfaces using FreeSurfer
  • [ENH] Switched to bbregister for BOLD to T1 coregistration
  • [ENH] Switched to sinc interpolation of preprocessed BOLD and T1w outputs
  • [ENH] Preprocessed BOLD volumes are now saved in the T1w space instead of mean BOLD
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug with MCFLIRT interpolation inducing slow drift
  • [ENH] All files are now saved in Float32 instead of Float64 to save space

0.2.0 (13th of January 2017)

  • Initial public release

0.1.2 (3rd of October 2016)

  • [FIX] Downloads from OSF, remove data downloader (now in niworkflows)
  • [FIX] pybids was missing in the install_requires
  • [DEP] Deprecated -S/–subject-id tag
  • [ENH] Accept subjects with several T1w images (#114)
  • [ENH] Documentation updates (#130, #131)
  • [TST] Re-enabled CircleCI tests on one subject from ds054 of OpenfMRI
  • [ENH] Add C3D to docker image, updated poldracklab hub (#128, #119)
  • [ENH] CLI is now BIDS-Apps compliant (#123)

0.1.1 (30th of July 2016)

  • [ENH] Grabbit integration (#113)
  • [ENH] More outputs in MNI space (#99)
  • [ENH] Implementation of phase-difference fieldmap estimation (#91)
  • [ENH] Fixed bug using non-RAS EPI
  • [ENH] Works on ds005 (datasets without fieldmap nor sbref)
  • [ENH] Outputs start to follow BIDS-derivatives (WIP)


  • [ENH] Added Docker images
  • [DOC] Added base code for automatic publication to RTD.
  • Set up CircleCI with a first smoke test on one subject.
  • BIDS tree scrubbing and subject-session-run selection.
  • Refactored big workflow into consistent pieces.
  • Migrated Craig’s original code